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Homeopathic is the 'Medicine of Future'. Nowadays a lot of people are following Homeopathic. Where conventional system of medicine has many side effects, Homeopathic is safe. It uses a minute amount of extracts from nature, so it can continue in a future where natural resources are limited. It is easy to take, have longer shelf life and moreover as we move to next century new diseases have been identified and each time the conventional scientists have to search and research for medicine to each new disease while Homeopathic offers ready solution as we prescribe on symptoms alone and not on the name of disease. So the future of Homeopathic is bright.

Why people still following constitutional system of medicine ?

Homeopathic is a miracle, but still, many of us follow the traditional medicine. The question ‘WHY?’ has many answers, some are:
It is the human nature to do the known thing. Normally a person does not change his lifestyle and thinking till it does not prove an obstacle or harm him. Adoption of new has risks, so generally people avoid adopting new concepts

Homeopathic hasn’t a solid network all over the countries, to collect each and every success story, cases, proving, etc., to provide it as an evidence for society and to investigate the reasons of failures and to find out new diseases and remedies.

Homeopathic doesn’t promote itself as traditional medicine do. It has approximately 0.2% of total medical journals and magazines published every year.

Many organizations (which are directly or indirectly connected with conventional system of medicine) are spreading myths and delusive information about Homeopathic, so that general public gets confused and continues to follow the same remedy.

In comparison to conventional system of medicine, Homeopathic institutes are less with lesser facilities for a student, to learn with ease. In some countries government policies are also not in favor of Homeopathic. Homeopathic is treated as one of alternative medicines and not a complete science. Homeopath gets only diploma and not a degree and he cannot put ‘Dr.’ with his name. He never gets the respect which a conventional medicine doctor gets, even when both are working for the same purpose (that is cure) and with full dedication.

Homeopathic medical shops and hospitals are not available everywhere for a patient. There are some cases where Homeopathic is not much effective or there is some need to do new researches in Homeopathic , like in surgical cases and also there are some cases where conventional system of medicine is helpless and Homeopathic has definite success, like in kidney stone or in mental diseases.

No science is complete in itself, but when it comes to matter of choice, most of us move towards traditional methods, only because we are used to them and their side effects.