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Evening Hours:
05:00 pm - 09:00 pm
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Clinic - I

Arogya Homoeopathic Clinic,
Narayan Katra, Gyan pur Road, Gopiganj, St. Ravidas Nagar,
Uttar Pradesh, India.

Clinic - II

Arogya Homoeopathic Clinic,
39, Palace Road, Ratlam,
Madhya Pradesh, India - 457001

About The Clinic

Arogya Homoeopathic Clinic is established by Dr. Vinay Shankar Tiwari, M.D(Hom.), a long back ago. Its sole aim is to provide complete health care solution with counseling and guidance for all health related problems, and help you to lead a purposeful healthy life. This website has been launched to render its services to patients staying far away from the clinic. 

About Me

Dr Vinay Shankar Tiwari Dr Vinay Shankar Tiwari has graduated in the year 1998 from The Calcutta Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital (A most renowned and premier oldest homoeopathic institute in the Asia; imparting quality homoeopathic education, have produced most qualified homoeopaths). A pioneer institute of Asia and world as well, in terms of homoeopathic education and patient care services. Completed his post graduation MD in Homoeopathic Pharmacy from J. R. N. Rajasthan Vidyapeeth. He has been involved in active clinical trainings to the new coming generation of Homoeopathy by doing various Medical camps organized by the institutes imparting BHMS and MD (Homoeo) Courses from last more than 10 years and treated thousands of patients of various diseases. Having good experience in treating large number of patients preferably the so called incurable diseases of this era like- Diabetes, Hypertension, Uterine disorders e.g Fibroids, DUB, Prolapse etc with the will for promotion of homoeopathy and service to the society. He is currently serving as Professor & Head of the Department in the Dept. of Human Anatomy at District Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Ratlam (M.P.), India. One of the premier institute in the state, which alone imparts PG education in Homoeopathy in the state of Madhya Pradesh. 

What is homoeopathy?

Dr. Samuel HahnemannHomoeopathy (also spelled homeopathy) is a holistic therapy which draws on the theory that similia similibus curantur (like cures like). This was developed by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in the 18th century. Remedies are made from many different natural substances like plants, animals and minerals and a specific remedy will be selected to match the specific symptoms of the patient. A well selected remedy will build health by stimulating the immunity power of the body. Homoeopathic remedies are highly diluted versions of the original substance, so the dose is minute. It is made potent by shaking the dilution.